Innovation cooperation

Start your inspiration, do something interesting together,and achieve what is impossible

Technological cooperation

Provide design scheme for the construction and optimization of high value-added chemical engineering strain ;

Provide  solutions for  industrial enzyme design and modification;

Help partners increase production profit by 2-5 times.

Engineering strains

The R & D platform has a series of Synthetic biological engineering strains that can produce high value-added compounds for technology transfer or industrial transformation

Food additives

Tagatose  Rebaudioside  heme,etc

Bulk drug

Paclitaxel  scutellarin ligustrazine  ergosterol cannabidiol,etc

Cosmetics & health products

Phloretin naringenin  magnolol apigenin  kaempferol,etc


Natural yeast extract, combined with the concentrated natural product  effective  components and  the  repair function of yeast extract, a new composite cosmetic raw material